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Brief history of OKD

Hard coal was used by people in the Ostrava region already in prehistoric times; organized mining activities have however a relatively shorter history of approximately 200 years.


The nucleus of the future OKD was formed after the Second World War as six mining companies existing at that time were put under national administration. All their businesses - that is a total of 32 mines, 9 coking plants, 10 power plants, Třinec and Vítkovice steel works and several other industrial business - were incorporated into a single state-owned enterprise called "Ostravsko-karvinské kamenouhelné doly Ostrava” (Ostrava-Karviná Hard-coal Mines).


In 1952, this enterprise was dissolved retroactively and Kombinát OKD was formed (later OKD, state-owned entity).



The modern history of the company covers two completely different phases:


Both phases were specific in view of the political and economic environment. The transition from one to another was not easy. Nevertheless, OKD has good reasons to have an optimistic expectation of the future nowadays.