Company profile

Area of Business

The main scope of activity of OKD includes prospecting, mining, washing, valorization and sale of hard coal with low sulphur content and products closely related to coal production.


The scope of company business according to the articles

Mining activities within the meaning of Section 2 Clauses a), b), c), d), e), f), g), h), i) of Czech National Council Act No. 61/1988 on Mining, Explosives and State Mining Administration, as amended. These include: 

a) prospecting and exploration of deposits of reserved minerals (hereinafter referred to as “reserved deposits”),

b) development and extraction of reserved deposits,

c) opening, maintaining and closing underground and open-cut mines,

d) processing and benefication of minerals in connection with mineral extraction,

e) establishing and operating dumps, spoil banks and settling ponds in relation to the activities referred to in Clauses a) to d) above,

f) special intervention in the Earth crust,

g) securing and closing old mines,

h) mine rescue service,

i) mine surveying activities;

Activities carried out by mining methods within the meaning of Section 3 Subsections a), c), e), h), i) and Section 5 of Czech National Council Act No. 61/1988 on Mining, Explosives and State Mining Administration, as amended. These include:

a) mining of the deposits of unreserved minerals, including processing and benefication of minerals in connection with mineral extraction and prospecting, and exploration of deposits of unreserved minerals carried out for that purpose,

c) work on securing the stability of underground space (underground stabilisation work),

e) earthwork carried out using earth-removing machines and explosives, where more than 100,000 cubic metres of earth is removed at one site, except foundation engineering projects,

h) work to provide access to old mines or permanently abandoned mine works, and maintaining them in a safe state,

i) underground works, consisting in the sinking of shafts and wells, in tunnelling and in building underground spaces larger than 300 cubic metres of removed earth


Other activities

  • Designing buildings and equipment as part of mining activities carried out by mining methods
  • Manufacture, installation and repairs of electrical machines and instruments, electronic and telecommunication equipment
  • Catering services
  • Installation, repairing, inspecting and testing of electrical equipment
  • Installation, repairing, inspecting and testing of pressure equipment and gas containers
  • Metal-working license
  • Locksmithery, tool-making
  • Assembly, repairs, revisions and tests of tackle
  • Production of dangerous chemical materials and dangerous chemical preparations and sale of chemical substances and chemical preparations classified as high toxic and toxic
  • Manufacture and processing of fuels and lubricants
  • Land surveying work
  • Advising activities, book-keeping, and maintaining tax records
  • Purchase and sale of explosives
  • Road motor transport – cargo intrastate operation of vehicle about the highest granted weight to 3,5 tonne including, cargo intrastate operation of vehicle about the highest granted weight over 3,5 tonne, intrastate extemporal personal
  • Maintaining archives and running filing offices
  • Manufacture, trade and services don’t indicated in appendix 1 till 3 of the Trades Licensing Act:

12. Woodworking, production of wooden, corky, wattle and straw products

14. Edition activities, polygraph production, bookbinder and copying work

16. Production of coke, raw tar and other solid fuels

25. Manufacture of metallic structures a metal-working products

27. Surface finishing and welding of metals and other materials

28. Manufacture of measuring, test, navigation, optical and photographically machines and instruments

43. Operation of water pipelines and sewage systems and treatment and distribution of water

44. Waste disposal (except hazardous waste)

47. Mediation in the area of trade and services

48. Wholesaling and retailing

52. Goods, packages storage and load handling and technical activities in transit

53. Forwarding and representation in customs procedures

55. Accommodation services

56. Provision of software and advising in the area of information technology, data processing, hosting and related activities and web portals

57. Work as inquiry and news agencies

58. Real estate broking, administration and servicing of real property

59. Leasing and lending of movables

60. Advising and consultation activity, consulting of special studies and reports 

65. Testing, measuring, analyses and inspections

66. Advertising and marketing, medial representation

70. Administration services and services in the economic and organisation area

71. Exercise of travel agency and tourist guiding activities

72. Out-of school culture and education, organising professional courses, training and other educational events, including lecturing

73. Operating cultural and cultural/educational and pleasure facilities, organising cultural productions & entertainment events, operation of entertainment facilities

74. Operation of physical training and sports facilities and of facilities serving for regeneration and fitness purposes

76. Provision of technical services

77. Revision and servicing of needs for household, articles of cultural character, products of soft optical instruments and instruments

80. Production, trade and services elsewhere unfiled.

  • Operation of non-state health-care facilities in the area of rehabilitation and physical medicine
  • Tax advising
  • Provision of telecommunication services under Act. No. 127/2005Coll., about Electronic Communications and about Amendment to Certain Acts (Electronic Communications Act)