Financial results

Results for 2006

In 2006 the OKD company realized a profit of 4.752 billion CZK before taxes. The after-tax profit of the company was 3.571 billion Czech crowns.

The district saleable output of coal in 2006 exceeded 13 million tons (increase by 252 thousand tons in comparison to 2005). In total 13.5 million tons of hard coal were sold (increase by 736 thousand tons of coal in comparison to 2005). The volume of coke sold also increased; in the last year it amounted to 1.3 million tons (160 thousand tons more as compared to 2005).

The company’s overall revenues in 2006 exceeded 39 billion Czech crowns (3.9 billion less than in 2005). The decrease of revenues for sales of goods and products was affected in particular by the adverse trend of coal and coke market prices during 2006.

The company’s costs in 2006 reached the amount of 35.5 billion Czech crowns. Their increase by 268.3 billion CZK was affected primarily by the depreciation of the valuation difference towards the OKD equity amounting to 767.5 million CZK, and by the increase of the costs of coal and coke freight following the take-over of the Fuels Division from Metalimex in June 2006.

The investments of OKD in 2006 exceeded 2 billion Czech crowns. They largely concerned purchase of mining machinery and equipment and its modernisation. The company made a significant investment in mine opening works connected to making accessible the coal stock at the mines of Darkov, ČSA, Paskov, and ČSM. OKD continued its investment in cooling equipment, which helped to improve micro-climatic conditions at mining working-sites. Investment was made on the surface as well; for example in modernisation of the heating plant of the ČSM Mine, and in reconstruction and modernisation of the washing plants at the Darkov and Lazy mines.

The average number of own employees in OKD in 2006 was 17,334 persons, which is 943 less than in 2005. In comparison to 2005 the productivity of labour from the district saleable output (ROTP) per one worker increased by 3.2 %. The average monthly earnings in 2006 amounted to 27,316 CZK, which is by 8.2 % more than in 2005.