Financial results

Results for 2012

For the year 2012, OKD, a.s., (hereinafter, OKD or the Company) attained a profit of CZK 1.549 billion before tax and CZK 1.204 billion after tax, (all the financial data shown are in compliance with the International Financial Reporting Standards – IFRS/IAS).


The 2012 EBIT amounted to CZK 2,1789 billion.


In 2012, the revenues from own products and services sold amounted to CZK 29,566.2 million, and the revenues from goods sold amounted to CZK 6,044.8 million.


In 2012 a total of 10.245 million tons of coal were sold. The volume of coke sales reached 550,000 tons.


The total value of the Company's assets amounted to a total of CZK 43,203 million at the end of 2012.


The Company’s capital expenditure reached CZK 5.577 billion in 2012. For the greater part, they related to mining machinery and technology in the form of new acquisitions or upgrades. The Corporation invested heavily in development work associated with opening up the coal reserves and to improvement of occupational health and safety standards.


OKD's average headcount in 2012 was 13,068 core employees. The average monthly earnings in 2012 amounted to CZK 37,149.