Frenštát residents got the OKD magazine "Z první ruky" to the mailboxes

Frenštát residents got the OKD magazine "Z první ruky" to the mailboxes

More than twenty thousand households in Frenštát and Rožnov received last week a new issue of newsletter "Z první ruky" to their mailboxes. OKD in this newsletter openly explains its plans concerning the intention of coal reserves exploration in the vicinity of Frenštát pod Radhoštěm to the citizens of the region.

What is exploratory development?
Magazine refutes some myths regarding the buildings in the area of Frenštát mine necessary to ensure the conservation mode, explains what is the exploratory development and what are its objectives, and confirms the OKD commitment, that possible exploration will have no influence on the environment and people living around the coal reserve. OKD CEO Klaus-Dieter Beck explains the difference between exploration and mining and denies that the exploration itself is a covert preparation for mining: „Technologies that we want to use in the exploration are quite different than those we need for mining coal. Also all necessary permissions for exploration and production are completely different. And above all - as a subsidiary of publicly traded company we have to and we want to behave seriously. When we say to the people and the state, we want to explore, we mean the exploration. Our activities have nothing to do with mining,“ describes Beck.


OKD: modern and responsible company.
Thematic text describes the dynamic changes that OKD went through in recent years especially in the modernization of road-heading and mining technologies in POP 2010 Program and an increasing safety in the SAFETY 2010 Project. "Employee safety is our absolute priority. The economic results can´t replace the safety and health of our people," explains in the newsletter Radim Tabášek, Director for HR and District Development.

Fund to support Frenštát and Rožnov
A significant attention in the newsletter is paid to the Fund for support Frenštát and Rožnov, that OKD established at the end of last year as a result of a poll in which the company found out what people of this micro-region mostly complicates everyday life and how they see room for improvement. „A dominant support of 20 million crowns, which we have decided to deposit to fund for the next four years, will be directed to areas that are the most bothering for locals. Interest in supporting community projects surpassed our expectations. We are pleased that NGOs and communities sees OKD as a reliable partner, with whose help is possible to improve the quality of life in their community,“ Petra Mašínová, OKD director for PR and Communication, describes in the editorial.
Magazine also brings concrete examples of supported projects, whether it's winter Olympics of Children and Youth, held in Beskydy, a series of tournaments in indoor children football - Arsenal Cup or ultramarathon cyclist Svaťa Božák, who completed with 4800 km the longest and most demanding endurance race in the world this week, during which he drove the U.S.A. from west to east.
Newsletter can be downloaded from the website

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