Proprietary structure

OKD, HBZS, a. s.

hzbs.gifThe main mission of OKD, HBZS, a. s., is to provide mining rescue services. The mining rescue service is an integral part of mining activities. Its position and tasks are determined by the Mining Act, decree of the Czech Mining Authority on mining rescue service and Service regulations approved by the Czech Mining Authority.

The mining rescue service carries out quick and efficient actions:


  • saves human lives and property in accidents including giving first aid underground
  • copes with accidents
  • removes consequences of accidents

OKD, HBZS, a. s., is a subsidiary of OKD, a. s., which is its 100% owner. OKD, HBZS also deals with waste management, including dangerous waste.


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OKD, HBZS, a. s.
Lihovarská 10/1199
716 03 Ostrava - Radvanice

Czech Republic
Tel. (Secretary): +420 596 232 720
Tel. (Switchboard): +420 596 258 111

Fax: +420 596 232 719