Where is OKD active?

Mines ČSM-Sever (North) and ČSM-Jih (South)

ren_1040_dxo.jpg ČSM Mine is located in the eastern part of the Karviná coal district. Its territory is separated between two ventilation areas: North and South, each having a pair of intake and return-air shafts.

The mine is structured in two sites: North and South.

The preparation plant with a capacity of 1,100 t per hour is located at the North Site.
The mining license covers the cadastral area of Stonava, Karviná, Albrechtice u Českého Těšína and Chotěbuz.

Thanks to the extensive investment construction in the 1990s and especially after 2000, the mine’s lifetime has been significantly extended.


Stonava 1077
735 34 Stonava
Czech Republic
Tel. (Switchboard): +420 596 451 111
Tel. (Secretary): +420 596 451 121

GPS coordinates (mine shafts)

North - 49°49'3.900"N 18°32'48.418"E (directorate)
South – 49°48'8.013"N 18°33'19.562"E



The intake-air shaft ČSM – South is the deepest one – 1,103 meters going down to 826 meters below sea level while the pit bank is at 277 meters above sea level.

Mining and development equipment

The coal mining equipment has been mechanized due to the seam thickness of coal seams and geological conditions. The main production method is longwall caving using shearers and shield sets. Entries are developed mostly by roadheaders; blasting is less used combining the use of drill jumbos or loaders.


The history of ČSM Mine is relatively short as it began after the Second World War only. In the 1950s, first exploration holes were drilled around the Stonava community confirming the existence of all carboniferous strata. These results led to a decision to build a mine with two sites (ČSM North and ČSM South). The construction declared as the "Construction Project of the Youth" started on 16 June 1959.

Due to complicated hydro-geological and gas conditions, coal production could have started only at the end of 1968. An extensive investment construction continued also in the 1990s and, in particular, after 2000. Therefore the mine’s lifetime has been significantly extended in comparison with the original forecasts.