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Frenštát Mine

The reserves of Frenštát Mine consist of two deposits: Frenštát-West and Frenštát-East. Frenštát Mine has been mothballed.


The area of Frenštát Mine extends over 63 km2. Together with the neighbouring exploration area of Čeladná-Krásná,


it is the only significant coal deposit with mineable seams in the Karviná strata outside the Karviná district.


There are five seams suitable for mining. In addition, there are also the Ostrava strata.


Frenštát Mine

  • overall geological reserves: ca 1,6 billion t
  • coal reserves and resources: 78 Mt



Exploration boreholes drilled from the surface at the end of the 1960s and at the beginning of the 1970s documented the evidence of extensive presence of the Karviná strata in the Frenštát area. On this basis, it was decided to continue the exploration by developing gateroads in their final cross-section.

In the middle of 1982, shaft sinking started at Shaft 4 of the designed Frenštát-West Site; however, the shaft got damaged during the shaft sinking process. Its lining and structure had to be reinforced. The final depth of Shaft 4 is 943 metres.

In March 1983, shaft sinking started at Shaft 5 at the same site. It was completed without any problems reaching the depth of 1,088 metres. Both shafts were interconnected at the level of –590 meters.

The first coal was hauled up Shaft 5 on 12 April 1988. It came from the depth of 885 meters.

In 1991, it was decided to mothball Frenštát Mine.