Where is OKD active?

Mines ČSA and Darkov

ČSA Site covers two mining licenses: Karviná Doly I and Doubrava u Orlové.
Lazy Site is located in the south-west part of the Karviná coal basin with a mining license covering cadastral territories of Orlová and Karviná.
Darkov Site has its own state-of-the-art preparation plant with a nominal input capacity of 800 tonnes per hour. The mine covers three separate mining licenses – Darkov, Karviná Doly II and Stonava.

Contact Details


ul. Čs. armády č. p. 1

735 06  Karviná-Doly

Tel. (Switchboard): + 420 596 351 111
Tel. (Secretary): + 420 596 352 030


GPS coordinates (mine shafts)

ČSA - 49°50'34.316"N, 18°29'50.127"E (Head Office)
Darkov - 49°49'46.584"N, 18°31'34.435"E



The return-air shaft Doubrava III at ČSA Site is the deepest shaft with an absolute depth of 1,176 m. The pit bank is placed at the altitude of 281m above sea level and the shaft goes as deep as 895 m below sea level. The deepest of the Darkov Site’s shafts is the return-air shaft Mír 4 with an absolute depth of 1,011 meters; its bottom is located at 776 m below sea level and the pit bank is placed at the altitude of 235 meters above sea level.


Mining and extraction technology

ČSA: Roadheaders are used predominantly to develop in-seam entries. Cross-cuts and rock-cutting are developed with drill jumbos and loaders. The basic coal mining method is longwall caving. Longwall sections are equipped with shield sets and shearers.

Darkov: Roadheaders develop most of the in-seam driveage. Drill jumbos and loaders are used to develop cross-cuts and entries with significant share of rock cutting. Longwall caving is the main coal mining method. All longwall sections are equipped with shield sets and shearers. A central air-conditioning system with the total output of 1,350 kW was implemented at the site during the year 2006.




ČSA: Důl Československá Armáda (The Czech Army Mine) was established on 1 July 1995 by merging the two formerly separate mines ČSA and Doubrava. In fact, its history is much older and goes as far as the early beginnings of coal mining in the Karviná region. It was probably here where the first reports of hard coal discoveries at the Kamienčok site originated in the 18th century. In 1780, mining activities were launched by Count J. E. Larisch-Mönnich. In 1856, local mines were grouped into one business. That year is also considered to be the foundation date of the today’s ČSA Site.

The Larisch-Mönnich family owned these mines until they were expropriated in 1945. In 1951, a state-owned business “Velkodůl Čs. armády” was established here involving an extensive reconstruction.

There is an old history of coal mining at the area of former mine Doubrava as well. Baron Richard Mattencloit was searching for coal here as early as 1822. Shallow diggings gave rise to a mining company in 1836 owned jointly by Mattencloit and Larisch-Mönnich.

Darkov: The history of the present Darkov Site dates back to the mid 19th century. At that time, several new mines were established and they were merged under Darkov Mine later on. These were in particular the following mines: Gabriela (established in 1852), Hohenegger (1880) and Austria (1898). These mines underwent numerous changes; their names changed several times.
In the 1950s, they were merged into the “Velkodůl 1. máj” that was renamed Darkov Mine on 2 May 1991. There were some organizational changes after the year 1990. At the beginning of 1993 the sites Darkov and Mír merged.
As coal reserves were depleted in the 9. květen Site coal field, Sites 2 and 3 were merged on 1 April 2012 into a single site – Darkov Site. It was then renamed Darkov Mine in autumn 2013.