How coal is mined in OKD


In terms of composition and quality, coal produced by OKD corresponds not only to technological requirements of its customers but also to environmental needs. It can be used in coking plants (approximately one half of the production), power and heating plants, cement mills, or in power units of metallurgical, engineering or chemical plants in the Czech Republic or abroad.

Due to the character and volume of production, OKD prefers long-term and direct contractual relationships.


Domestic customers

Roughly two thirds of coal production is sold to significant large domestic customers in steel works and power industry who take more than hundreds of thousands of tonnes every year each. To cover the needs of communities, inhabitants and small industrial entities, contracts are concluded with whole-sale companies well-equipped for redistribution in smaller volumes. Direct trade relations are concluded also with end consumers taking tens of thousands of tonnes a year.

OKD’s main customers are large metallurgical and power companies. More than 74 % of production intended for domestic market goes to the five most important customers:

  • ArcelorMittal Ostrava a. s.
  • OKK Koksovny, a.s.
  • Dalkia Česká republika, a.s.
  • ČEZ, a.s.


Export abroad

Significant deliveries are shipped abroad (to Austria, Germany, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia). Key contracts for coal and coke export are concluded in most cases on a long-term basis with customers such as:

  • U.S.Steel Košice, s. r. o.
  • Voestalpine Rohstoffbeschaffungs-GmbH
  • DBK-Donau Brennstoffkkontor GmbH
  • Verbund-Austrian Thermal Power GmbH & Co KG
  • Arcelor Mittal Poland S.A.
  • SWM Services GmbH