How coal is mined in OKD

Mining of coal and gas in Beskydy?

The existence of a large reserves of hard coal and methane under the Beskydy mountains is a geologically proven fact which incites much emotion that is often abused by certain groups or individuals for their own aims. Some people try to claim that under the pretext of methane mining OKD intends to start mining for coal in Frenštát.

However, the reality is quite different. In 2000 OKD signed a memorandum in which it undertakes that under the current geopolitical and economic conditions in the sphere of utilization of hard coal deposits it is not considering exploitation of this raw material in the Frenštát Mine. The deposits have been conserved and coal was transferred from balance resources to non-balance resources. At present, the utilization of these deposits is not being considered within the state energy plan, nor by OKD.

The survey has hitherto been carried out only from the surface using the original drill wells. Whereas this method does not provide for perfect recognition of the coal gas capacity of the deposit, OKD, through its subsidiary IMGE, has filed a request for execution of a prospecting mine opening at the Frenštát Mine. It is also a necessary requirement under Act No. 44/1998 of the Coll. of Laws, on protection and utilization of mineral resources (the mining law), that OKD should survey and state reserves.

In no case would this prospect drilling mean opening new face working areas or re-opening the original mines.