Coal mining

Modern technologies

The extensive changes in the structure that took place at OKD in the 90’s became apparent in the sphere of mining. The end of mining in the Ostrava and Petřvald part of the district led to cessation of mining in low seams - thus, low shearer loaders, slushers and corresponding face props were no longer used. Subsequently, the technology of mining ploughs prevailed in the low seams (in the Paskov Mine it even reached a hundred-percent representation). Mining of thick and very thick seams within their full thickness and with controlled caving was intensified.

The structure of machinery changed. The following machinery is currently used.


For longwall operations:

  • longwall shearers and plows
  • hydraulic-operated shield supports


For gateroad development:

  • roadheaders
  • drilling machines and loaders


The mining method is longwall advancing with controlled caving. Coal mining is carried out by means of shearers and plows. For supporting the roof in the faces individual self-advancing hydraulic shields are used.