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Railway sidings connection to disposal sites – another step not only to cost cutting

Railway sidings connection to disposal sites – another step not only to cost cutting

The changeover from the road to rail transportation is not only the effort to significantly decrease the dust, noise and capacitive load onto the public communication, as well as transportation costs.
In 2014, right away, AWT in accordance with the OKD intentions implemented three constructions – tracks to Jan Karel, sanitation of the sidings 6a, b Louky nad Olší and railway connection of Stonávka handling area. The entire intention of railway siding coverage of the prep-plant originated on the basis of the requirement to enable transportation capacity on individual routes for prep-plant commodities that represents an increased environmental load (environmental pollution) on the low capacity road communications.

Quarter of a million tons of thermal coal dispatched

Jan Karel track that was handed over to the prep-plant operation for its use on 1st April 2014 including the off-loading ramp, serves for waste rock transportation, primarily from Darkov site to Kozinec and Doubrava 3 reclamation structure. At the same time, this track is intensively used actually by Prep-plant operations to dispatch thermal coal from Doubrava 1 disposal site, where in 2014 some 251 957 tons were dispatched. „This transportation method replaced fully economically challenging loading by a system of transportation conveyors over the loading track of this laid by prep-plant,“ Jiří Vyoral, the prep-plant technology manager mentioned.
The intention of the structure implemented in 2014 adjusting the railway sidings in Louky nad Olší was to enable greater capacity of the removal the washed dust and floto tailings from G and H ponds during the present transfer to ecologically economical railway operation. The structure was put in operation on 1st August of last year. In total, there was 108 844 tons of thermal coal transported on this particular track. „Moreover, the track should enable capacitive and ecological transportation of rock for Louky reclamation project in the future,“ elaborated Mr. Vyoral, the technology manager.


Disposal site Stonávka will also serve for oversupplies

The railway connection to Stonávka handling site was made to decrease the transportation costs when transporting coal to this disposal site and return dumpings. 117 950 is the number that indicates how many tons of raw coal was transported on the newly created tracks from the disposal site to be processed at the washery. „From the ecological point of view, the main benefit is the decrease of dust level at the service communications leading from the Darkov prep-plant complex. What is more, in the future, the significance of this structure will increase due to the closure of washery at Lazy site that exactly this site will be used if necessary to store oversupplies of washed coal from this location at the territory of Orlová,” explained Jiří Vyoral and added that the construction started last spring and handed over for a pilot operation in August. In addition to that, in parallel with this track and the off-loading ramp at this disposal site, a new bitumen area serving for storing and dispatch of finished coal products was created.