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Upgraded Heating Station also supplies electricity for the mine

Upgraded Heating Station also supplies electricity for the mine

The ČSM Heating Station, operated by Dalkia Industry CZ at the northern site of the ČSM Mine in Stonava, produces not only compressed air and heat, including hot water, under more reliable conditions, but newly also electricity. Franck Lacroix, Chairman of Dalkia, the multinational energy group, has assured the OKD Management, including Klaus-Dieter Beck, Chief Executive Officer, that now it is possible to rely absolutely on the supplies!

“We understand how our commodities are important for the mine. We expect the upgrading to bring a more efficient supply system and absolutely reliable supplies,” said Lacroix.

Laurent Tupinier, Director, Dalkia Industry CZ, has specified that the continuous compressed air, heat and electricity supplies will result in the satisfaction and higher safety of the mine workers. “And this feature has also been considered by us as the priority,” stated

The reconstruction of the Heating Station at the ČSM Mine site was the greatest capital project for Dalkia Industry CZ, which took over the Heating Station in 2010. The reconstruction costs amounted to a total of CZK 260 million. The 6 and 22 kV power distribution lines,
base-load, peak-load and auxiliary heat exchangers have been modernized, and a 110/22/6kV Transformer T103 with the capacity of 40MVA and six turbo-compressors Altas Copco ZH 15000 have been added. The newly installed turbo-compressors can produce ninety thousand cubic metres of compressed air for the whole ČSM Mine.

However, the main innovation regards one of the two turbo-compressors PTK 63. “We have fitted the compressor with a John Crane coupling, Lufkin gearbox and AVK generator on a common frame; we have thus reconstructed it into a turbine generator designated as TG 3. Its output is 5 MW,” explained Kamil Vrbka, Technical Director of Dalkia Industry CZ. The Heating Station has thereby changed into a so-called trigeneration unit, which produces compressed air, heat and electricity in one process.

It all happened in full operation so as not to affect the vitally important offtake for the needs of the ČSM Mine in Stonava. In addition to the professional employees of the Dalkia Group, which has become the largest compressed air producer in the world just thanks to its supplies for OKD, Siemens and Industrial Turbomachinery workers have also participated in the reconstruction. Of course, there is also a new control room of the Heating Station, which automatically controls all operations.

“Apart from the benefit to the coal district, I can see two major things in this project. The first one is the fact that the perfect cooperation of OKD and Dalkia has shown how large companies can work together even if they are from different countries. The other thing consists in the fact that we are the best at what we do. OKD mines coal and Dalkia delivers commodities necessary for the mining,” said Klaus-Dieter Beck.

Radek Lukša


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