Coal mining

The present: here and in the world

In view of the growing extensive demand for energy and problems with oil and natural gas supplies, coal is at the beginning of a new boom on a worldwide scale. Not even the development as nuclear energy and other means of power acquisition have been able to edge it out of the position of the key raw material for electricity production in recent decades. The necessity of replacing the other fossil fuels as well as new technologies for coal processing cause growth of demand for coal and better economic results of mining companies.

This global development is therefore mirrored in the situation of this sector in the Czech Republic.

The key role of coal in the global economy is based primarily on its reserves. The worldwide reserves of coal exploitable by current technologies are estimated to be approximately 1 trillion tons (however, different sources give different estimates). Around half of this reserve is formed by hard coal. Retaining the current level of power consumption, these reserves would last for 300 years (according to other figures for as long as 600 years).