Case studies

Association Filadelfie

filadelfie_1.jpgThe civic association Filadelfie won the OKD Foundation prize in the “For Health” category for its project that places boys and girls from children’s homes with foster families. The association supports foster care, inter alia, by providing new housing to families accepting several children. The basic principle followed by the association is that children belong in families, not in institutions. The best thing for orphaned children is foster parents.


The awarded project “Children belong in a family” comprised the construction of a seven-room house in the Karpentná quarter of Třinec. The grant programme of the Foundation provided the applicants with a million crowns / almost EUR 40,000.


The association has already built four homes and reconstructed one home for foster families in its centres Přístav Oldřichovice and Přístav Filadelfie. Eight families are raising a total of 21 children.


The guiding principle of the project is that a number of foster families would like to accept more children but are hindered in doing so by unsuitable housing conditions since they are seldom affluent and can hardly afford to build a bigger house suitable for bringing up a larger number of children. That is why the association directs some of its promotional activities towards seeking suitable active foster families. Any support given to foster care would be meaningless without families willing to take children from children’s homes.


The awarded project simultaneously helps to increase general awareness of foster care, leading to increased public interest in the issue of abandoned children. ”We can boast of having been selected by the second largest Czech corporate foundation as the project of the year. We can thus say that this is not just about us but is also about the promotion of foster care in general. The recognition given to our project may help children who are still in institutions, of which there are many,” said Bruno Heider, head of the Přístav Oldřichovice centre.


All told, the OKD Foundation has helped the civic association Filadelfie – Přístav Oldřichovice with more than the provision of housing for families with adopted children. With an amount of CZK 156,000/EUR 6,200 the Foundation supported a project called “Advising Foster Parents”, psychological counselling in the field that is part of follow-up support for foster families.


The activities of the association do not end with building new homes. Families often find themselves in psychologically difficult situations related to the integration of new children in the family, the children’s adaptation to a new environment, and the parents’ jobs and relationships. This means that there is a need for further support, something which is readily rendered by the association.