Case studies

Development of Czech journalism

respekt_1.jpgSupport for and development of Czech journalism, education of practising journalists with regard to other social sciences, education of young journalists including practical training in new knowledge. These are the main objectives of the project implemented by the Prague-based public benefit company Respekt Institut, for which the OKD Foundation has allocated the sum of CZK 274,000/EUR 10,800. The project has been joined by secondary school students, as well as the general public.


“Enhancing critical evaluation of the information provided by the media and developing journalism skills are of great importance for students. We are delighted that the OKD Foundation has lent its support to this meaningful and strategic project,” says Magdaléna Francová from the Respekt Institut. The project took place at the Komenský Grammar School in Havířov, the Grammar School and Secondary Vocational School in Nový Jičín, the Koperník Grammar School in Bílovec, the Secondary Clothing and Business School in Frýdek-Místek and the Commercial Academy and College in Ostrava-Mariánské Hory. 


“We provide free education to young journalists, editors and journalism students, with additional focus on the other social sciences. We enhance the education level of the wider journalist community in such areas as economics, business, new media and other branches,” says Francová, adding that significant support was extended to the project by renowned journalists and media experts. These include Bára Procházková from the weekly Respekt, the media literacy specialist Ivo Mludek, the journalism lecturer Svatava Nováková, as well as regional columnists. 


The project also included an accompanying programme. One of the events was a meeting at the Fiducia second-hand bookshop in Ostrava, which was attended by several dozen people and whose main topics were tabloidisation of the media and professional ethics. Within the meeting, the question of who journalists actually work for was raised too. The participants in the debate arrived at the conclusion that observing ethical rules is today of the utmost importance and agreed that serving as guidance should be ethics codes adopted by individual media outlets.


The weekly Respekt invited four students from the Commercial Academy and College in Ostrava-Mariánské Hory to gain experience from professional journalists within a week-long internship at the magazine.