Case studies

Heřmánek Half-way House

hermanek_2.jpgSince 2005 OKD has been the general partner of the Heřmánek Half-way House in Karviná, providing significant financial contributions to its operation every year. In 2010 the mining company donated to the facility the sum of CZK 600,000/EUR 23,200.


Half-way houses provide accommodations to individuals up to the age of 26 who after reaching adulthood leave educational facilities for institutional or protective training, as well as to those from other child and youth care centres. At the present time, the Heřmánek Half-way House provides accommodation for 21 people. The services provided include: accommodation, development of social skills, therapeutic care, rights awareness sessions, and help with personal matters.

Heřmánek Half-way House aims to transform the unfavourable life circumstances of its clients to such an extent that they are no longer dependent on society’s help, can assume full responsibility for their actions and are able to live an ordinary life within society. Moreover, it also strives to integrate its clients into the job market. The main tool applied to attain this objective is teaching the clients working habits in the form of “work therapies” (i.e. job simulation).

Since 2008 the operation of the Heřmánek Half-way House has been extended to include the Heřmánek Centre for Children Requiring Immediate Help (ZPDVOP), which provides direct assistance in tackling unfavourable situations in the families of minors between 16 and 18 years of age who can no longer stay with their families (due to abuse, violence, alcoholism and similar issues). Staying at the Heřmánek ZPDVOP makes it possible for the children to remain in contact with their families and society, and for them to continue to study at their usual school. It also enables children to return home as and when their family situation stabilises, and helps them avoid being placed in an institutional facility.


Owing to OKD’s generous support, in the autumn of 2010 the Heřmánek Half-way House won the Quality in Provision of Social Services to Persons Threatened by Social Exclusion Award. This prize is the most prestigious accolade an organisation or company can receive in the social care area.