Case studies

Project Šance (Chance)

ms_nokd_sance_maly.jpgThe core objective of Project Šance (Chance) is to provide assistance to sexually abused children and young people living on the street in the Czech Republic. The project is the first preventative and humanitarian programme aimed at abused children and youths, who are victims of human trafficking in the Czech Republic.


In 2010, the OKD Foundation, a principal partner of the initiative, contributed CZK 350,000/EUR 13,800 towards activities within the project, namely to finding an alternative solution for the Šance Home located in the district of Prague 5. The lease of its premises had been terminated by the local authority, leaving the home with only provisional space.


“The purpose of our project is to provide a 'chance',” said László Sümegh, who founded Project Šance in 1995. The project calls in support from various experts in assisting young people on the street. As many as 70% of these people are former residents of children’s homes. They enter society without necessary basic social skills and can neither find jobs nor deal with the authorities. Then there is only a short distance from a life on the street to criminal temptations, offences and health problems. Reintegration in society is thus the main goal of the programme of alternative education provided in the Šance Home.


“Our clients are naïve. They come in winter asking for work and accommodation, something which the summer season doesn’t force them to do. Once they enter the alternative education programme, they receive basic social provisions: work, housing and sustenance. If they give up their efforts, they lose all that,” Sümegh explained.