Case studies

St. Barbara supports language education

86_1.jpgLanguage-education stays have become one of the core activities of the Saint Barbara Civic Association. The organisation, which looks after children from mining families that have lost fathers due to an occupational accident, sends several children on such courses every year. In July 2010, four students spent a month in Brighton and Hove, England, whence they gained not only improved language skills, but a wealth of experiences as well.


According to Josef Hoďák, Deputy Chairman of the Association, the holiday language stays rank among the Association's pivotal activities. “These stays follow up on the main objective of the Association, which is to enable children from fatherless mining families the best possible education. As good English communication skills are becoming, with an increasing frequency, one of the main requirements when applying for a job, the Association helps to ensure that mining orphans have a greater chance of the best start in life,” Hoďák said.


The language education included as the teaching of grammar, listening to the spoken word, conversation, as well as games. The language teaching school, attended by the four Czech students, is one regularly attended by students from all over the world, giving them the chance to make friends from Spain, Brazil, Italy, Turkey, Switzerland and other countries.