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cerveny_kriz.jpgOKD is the largest employer in the Moravian-Silesian region and is aware of its responsibility not only to its thousands of employees but to the wider community in the region where it operates. The company supports local communities mainly through its OKD Foundation and this support forms an integral part of OKD’s CSR activities.


The OKD Foundation was founded in 2008 and over the course of three years established its firm position among the respected leaders of the Czech Republic’s non-profit sector. 

The Foundation’s main objective is to support and develop non-material value, education, sports, the environment, cultural activities and help in the area of social and medical services.


OKD has chosen to donate one per cent of its annual gross profit to the Foundation. Besides OKD and NWR, notable donors to the Foundation include subsidiaries and partner companies.

Through its four programmes (For Health, For Joy, For the Future, and For Europe) and three funds established in 2009 (the Crisis Fund, Operating Fund and Development Fund), the Foundation has supported 1969 projects since its inception, distributing more than CZK 290 million/EUR 11.2 million among non-profit organisations.

The OKD Foundation has thus become a key partner to the non-profit sector and plays a role as a significant source of financial support in the development and improvement of the quality of life throughout the region.



OKD Foundation programmes:


  • The program For Region combines existing programs For Health, For Future and For Pleasure. Consideration is given primarily to the impact of the project for the target group in selected municipalities in the Moravian-Silesian Region.

Supported areas:

  • Improving facilities of social care;
  • Improving living conditions of socially vulnerable groups, including activities aimed at eliminating social exclusion; 
  • Working and social therapy of handicapped;
  • Occupational rehabilitation;
  • Assisted employment;
  • Improving the state of the environment and biodiversity conservation;
  • Recovery of valuable sites of the natural significance and their presentation;
  • Care and restoration of immovable and movable objects of cultural, historical and technical value;
  • Developing of community-based activities, eg. taking care of public spaces, community events in the village/town/region;
  • Leisure Activities (primary focus on the seniors, children and youth and the intergenerational activities).


  • For Europe -  Subsidies from EU funds are often beyond the reach of many nonprofit organisations andmunicipalities. They usually lack sufficient resources and the requisite experience to prepare the necessary funds application. Enabling the preparation of the necessary application is precisely the purpose of the OKD Foundation’s For Europe programme, through which the Foundation provides the needed funds and increases the internal capacities of the recipient entity by means of education for their representatives.


Supported activities:

  • Preparation of project documentation, in particular:
  • Creation of a feasibility study
  • Preparation of financial and economic analyses
  • Filling in and submission of the application
  • Securing of documentation for land development and/or planning proceedings in accordance with subsidy programme requirements
  • Securing of documentation for an environmental impact assessment study, including supporting studies and analyses
  • Development of marketing surveys
  • Development of a needs analysis
  • Education of applicants’ employees with a focus on project development and management


  • Srdcovka - There are many active people among our employees who fill their free time with various activities of public benefit, being engaged in volunteer fire fighting companies, dog shelters, preparing cultural and sports events for the general public, children or handicapped people suffering from different health or social challenges or running interest groups covering a whole range of different activities.
  • Thanks to the OKD Foundation’s programme entitled Srdcovka, the employees of OKD or any other OKD Foundation donors may apply for a financial support offered to the projects they work with. We consider it important that our employees are not only motivated to do their job but that, beyond their daily work, they are also actively involved in the development of the civic society.


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