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The Saint Barbara Civic Association

barboradovani.jpgOKD is the founder of the Saint Barbara Civic Association, established in 2005 with the mission of supporting children who have lost a parent due to an occupational accident. In 2009 the Association extended its support to families of contract employees suffering the consequences of a tragic accident.


The Association aims to ensure that a lack of finance does not hinder orphaned children in their access to education, the development of their various talents, or their pursuit of leisure-time activities. Thanks to the support provided, these children have unhindered access to education.


The Association pays for their tuition, school equipment, accommodation, pre-school fees as well as any fees due for various extra-curricular activities, and any extra education such as driving schools or retraining courses. Through various health stays, such as study trips in nature and skiing courses, the Association also ensures the children look after their health.


There are many other activities they can engage in with the help of the Association, such as tours within the Czech Republic as well as abroad, language courses abroad, and recuperative stays in resorts of the Jeseníky Mountains.


The volume of direct financial assistance and costs of other events organised for the children amounted in 2012 to CZK 4.98 million/EUR 192,300.