Case studies

Darkov sea

rso_0134_1.jpgAfter the completion of the biological part of the reclamation (planting of grass and trees), planned for 2014, the area will serve as a leisure and sport resort for residents of the city of Karviná and neighbouring villages. The resort will feature a lake, groves, meadows and an access road. “Darkov Sea”, extending over an area of 32 hectares, is designed to be ideal for water sports. Projects planned for the reservoir include the construction of beaches and various support facilities (boat rentals, an instructional center, restaurants and refreshment stalls, etc.).


The infrastructure to be put in place surrounding the “sea” will offer opportunities for cyclists and a future local network of trails could be connected to the bike trail network of the Moravian-Silesian region. The site is already proving popular with photographers, anglers and swimmers, and it carries significant potential for the residents of the Karviná region, which now lacks of locations suitable for outdoor leisure-time activities.


In the course of the twelve-year technical reclamation (1997-2009), more than five million cubic metres of tailings were removed, the area was landscaped and it was covered with soil. Current reclamation activity includes the planting of grass and then trees as well as other landscaping measures.


Other reclamation projects can be found in our reclamation brochure published in 2010.