Our Environment

Managing climate change

rso_0104.jpgOKD emphasises compliance with environmental standards in protecting the atmosphere. While adhering to the valid resolution of the Environmental Department of the Moravian-Silesian Regional Authority from 2004, OKD annually releases 126.7 tonnes of solid air pollutants. These are mainly dust particles that are released from the ventilation systems at OKD mines. The released emissions have remained stable since 2004. The values are calculated on the basis of sample measurements.


Air pollution is governed by Act No. 86/2002 of Czech Legislation on the protection of air against pollution, as amended, including eight executive decrees and eight government resolutions. OKD maintains long-term compliance with all the above-mentioned regulations.

Achieving a reduction in the amount of solid particles escaping into the air when ventilating the underground space is virtually impossible due to safety and technical constraints.