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Reclamation of Land

dinopark.jpgOKD, which operates hard coal mines in the southern part of the Upper Silesian Coal Basin, accepts its responsibilities resulting from the environmental impact of its operations. OKD implements comprehensive solutions to eliminate the effects of its mining operations, comprising a series of steps and activities leading to the minimization or elimination of the impact of mining on the landscape.


There can be no doubt about the benefits of land reclamation. It constitutes the fastest possible means for the reintroduction of nature to a damaged area as well as making that area available once again for the benefit of the public. In the densely-populated areas of the majority of European countries, where many municipalities and cities face a lack of suitable land for further development, the speed of this solution is perceived as a great advantage. 

The purpose of reclamation projects pursued by OKD is to return landscape, previously fundamentally changed by human activity, to a natural state that is perpetuated through a self-sustaining ecosystem with native animal and plant species. As experience shows, native species naturally reclaim these habitats, creating new and unique ecosystems with rare fauna and flora.

The results of reclamation projects demonstrate that landscapes affected by hard coal mining in the Moravian-Silesian region are returning to natural states, with the presence of rare plants and animals. Moreover, these landscapes have become available for the leisure-time activities of local residents.


In 2013, a total of 48 reclamation projects were ongoing (18 instances of technical reclamation and 30 instances of biological reclamation), of which 9 projects were subsidised from the public funds allocated by the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic, with the remaining 39 projects financed from the OKD budget.


An amount of CZK 281 million /EUR 11 million was earmarked for these projects, of which CZK 40 million/EUR 1.6 million came from the Ministry of Finance and CZK 241 million/EUR 9 million came from OKD. Reclamation projects covered an area of 746 hectares in 2013.


Reclamation work completed from 1991 to 2013 in the Ostrava-Karviná mining district had a total cost of CZK 3.217 billion /EUR 124 million and extended over 1,869 hectares of land. Around another 22 important reclamation sites are included among projects planned for the period up to 2018.


Reclamation projects can be found in our reclamation brochure published in 2010