Our Environment

Supply chain

svojsikovo_udoli_1_2.jpgBesides parameters such as quality, payment conditions, delivery terms, quality guarantees, completeness of deliveries, and the quality of mutual relationships, OKD also stresses environmental aspects and suppliers' socially responsible conduct. In dealing with suppliers, the company takes into account their environmental impacts (during manufacture, product application and subsequent disposal). The company favours suppliers who strive to replace environmentally hazardous substances in their products with environmentally friendly ones without affecting the product quality or other parameters.


Relations with customers

OKD places an emphasis on ensuring a professional approach towards customers. This has provided a firm foundation for stable and lasting commercial relationships that have helped the company to eliminate the ill-effects of the global economic downturn of the past few years. The quality of production, reliability, as well as an ability to meet the requirements of demanding customers, enable OKD subsidiaries to hold their ground in the face of fierce competition, namely that of Polish and Ukrainian hard coal and coke producers.


OKD is in close contact with its main suppliers and customers to minimise the potential impact of economic instability wherever possible. OKD is continuously monitoring price developments in the regional and global markets as well as any developments that may affect its main customers’ industries in order to ensure streamlined price negotiations with all of its potential clients. OKD has long-term framework agreements with its main customers. These agreements, as well as the annual and quarterly supply agreements, are reviewed and re-negotiated periodically, ensuring medium-term stability in sales levels and pricing of the Company’s products.


OKD closely monitors its customers’ creditworthiness in order to ensure the ability to collect payment from its customers.

OKD prioritises material flow monitoring from the time of extraction to delivery to the customer. Clearly defined internal procedures and processes enable the company to supply coal of a high quality, which is valued by consumers, while eliminating environmental risks related to hard coal mining.