Our Environment


karvinsky_potok_2.jpgOKD produces dozens of various types of waste materials, reflecting the operations undertaken and the technologies employed.  

All waste management is strictly documented and complies with the Waste Management Act (Act No. 185/2001 of Czech Legislation, on waste materials, as amended, including 15 executive decrees and two government resolutions) and Act No. 157/2009 of Czech Legislation, on mining waste, including two executive decrees.


Waste materials are demonstrably handed over to entities holding the necessary authorisation for safe transport, storage, disposal, recycling or energy production.


Waste management is concerned with achieving a reduction in waste production and the safe handling of waste materials. From a long-term perspective, it can be stated that the volume of waste production has decreased according to year-on-year comparisons and that the company is thus meeting its objectives in this area. While OKD produced 62,623 tonnes of waste in 2007, in 2008 it was 59,841 tonnes, and in 2009 it was 38,183 tonnes. In 2010, the figure was 37,000 tonnes.


Similar results have been achieved where hazardous waste is concerned. The mining company produced 557 tonnes of it in 2007, followed by 525 tonnes in 2008, 451 tonnes in 2009 and 467 tonnes in 2010. OKD operations comply with legal criteria and limits applicable to waste management, and the company has implemented measures conducive to reduction of the amounts of hazardous waste produced.


Tailings produced in mining operations are utilised in accordance with mining regulations in decontamination and reclamation projects and as such are not considered waste material or mining waste as stipulated in the Waste Management Act.