Case studies

A car for an idea? Why not?

borovy.jpgIn December, 2010 Radim Borový, a miner working in Darkov Mine, became the lucky winner of the Continuous Improvement Programme for his innovative proposal and received a Škoda Fabia car. The mining company emphasizes the importance of its employees' initiatives. That is why it announced a programme to encourage its employees to submit proposals for improvements.


 “The programme through its clearly set rules, system of evaluation and rewards was conducive to better quality of ideas and increased involvement of employees,“ noted Leo Bayer, the Chief Operating Officer of OKD.


The winner from Darkov Mine suggested an improvement that will reduce the risk of water penetration in a cable connector, thus reducing the damage from this source. The proposed measure should continue to contribute to the enhancement of safety underground by preventing potential damage to cables and sensors.


 "The Programme has clearly proven its worth. Apart from increasing the co-responsibility and solidarity of employees with the company, it brought special bonuses to employees, enhanced safety of work in mines, improved the working environment and the cost effectiveness of OKD Company. Therefore, the company schedules another similarly focused programme for 2011, in which the experience gained this year in the framework of Continuous Improvement shall be applied,“ added Leo Bayer.