Case studies

Karviná Miners’ Hospital

khn.jpgIn 2010 the Karviná Miners’ Hospital completed an extensive refurbishment. It prepared comfortable rooms with state-of-the-art facilities for patients with spinal problems who require lengthy hospitalisation. The cost for the reconstruction works totalled CZK 7.5 million/EUR 296,600 and was covered in full by OKD, the building’s owner. The hospital invested a further CZK 1 million/EUR 39,500 in further equipment and facilities.


Previously, the specialist workplaces of the spine surgery and orthopaedic departments functioned as a single unit. Yet as the orthopaedic services extended and the number of patients requiring surgery grew, it became evident that the bed capacity was insufficient. The solution was to create a separate spine surgery ward, while the orthopaedic department would remain in the existing premises. Thanks to OKD’s investment, the change was successfully and rapidly implemented.


The entrance to the ward itself has undergone significant changes. The walls, painted in bright colours, are adorned with large photographs taken by doctors within the operating theatre. A collage created from X-ray photographs and a collection of screws that over the past few years have been used by the hospital’s doctors during spinal surgery are a real treasure of the ward’s head physician and have astonished many a client. A cosy examination room with the adjacent nurses’ room, a kitchenette and a bathroom have all undergone modifications. They have all been provided with new furniture, pastel-coloured tiles and modern floor coverings. 


The main change, however, have occurred in the patient´s recovery rooms . They now have only two beds and each contains its own en suite bathroom. In addition to state-of-the-art hospital beds and bedside tables, they contain light wood wardrobes where the patients can store their personal items, and the rooms are furnished with TV sets too. The ward also contains a special air-conditioned above-standard room. All the windows have been replaced in the  refurbished section.


In 2011, a total of EUR 349,000 will be released for new investments, while EUR 78,000 will be made available for re-construction.