Our People

Continuous improvement

borovy.jpgOKD promotes personal initiative and creativity among its employees. Through two-way communication the company aims to strengthen employee identification with the everyday operations of the company, and to encourage employees to actively participate in those operations. In 2012 OKD announced the Continuous Improvement programme for employees and contract workers, an initiative designed to encourage the employees’ involvement in suggesting work improvement proposals.


Any team or individual who presented an idea in 2013 for improving and/or streamlining coal mining operations, the working environment, a simplification of mining work, or work safety, which could be utilised, was rewarded. The programme elevated spontaneous improvement proposals from employees to a higher level by means of clearly defined rules, a system of evaluation and rewards.


The proposals submitted and implemented have indisputably had a positive impact on work safety in mines – an absolute priority in OKD mining activities – and on improving the working environment and mining efficiency. The overall savings brought about by the implementation of the proposals has been estimated by OKD as CZK 224 million/EUR 9 million.


The programme has definitely proven its worth as it has given rise to special rewards for employees, improved occupational safety, improved working environments, and lowered cost in addition to fortifying the employees’ sense of shared responsibility and identification with the company. The programme has served as a showcase for the mutual benefit of close collaboration between the company and its employees and the active engagement of the latter in corporate operations.


OKD is preparing a similar programme for 2014, building on the experience gained in 2013.