Our People


rso_0037.jpgOKD is the largest employer in the Moravian-Silesian Region. In 2013 on average 12,369 people worked for the Company (and 3704 contractors). Their average salary was CZK 35,735/EUR 1,400.

OKD’s business activities and operations affect the lives of almost all the region’s inhabitants. In virtually every family there is someone who has worked, is working or will work for the Company. OKD is aware that this fact brings with it a great responsibility and that people are its most valuable asset.

Mining work is extremely demanding and is not suitable for everybody. OKD highly regards the courageous employees who undertake this type of work and the Company duly rewards them for their labour.


Cooperation with trade union 

The relations between the Company and its employees are clearly defined in the Collective Bargaining Agreement, concluded following negotiations with the trade unions for the 2014-2018 period.

For historical reasons, the vast majority of OKD employees are members of trade unions. Three trade union organisations operate in OKD. The largest trade union is the Sdružení hornických odborů (Association of Miners’ Trade Unions), which has members at all the mines. Two smaller organisations, the Sdružení pravicových odborů ČR (Association of Right-wing Trade Unions of the Czech Republic) and the Nezávislé profesní odbory technicko-hospodářských pracovníků OKD (Independent Professional Trade Unions of OKD’s Technical and Commercial Employees), each have members at individual pits.
Although each party protects the interest of different groups, the relations between OKD and the trade unions have been constructive and fair. At the end of every year, the parties jointly discuss the issue of wages for the next year, with the macroeconomic situation, as well as the employer’s current and prospective economic situation, being taken into account.


The main social benefits provided by OKD include contributions to:

  • The supplementary pension scheme
  • Catered meals while at work
  • Holidays
  • Christmas
  • Commuting to work
  • Cultural, social and sports activities
  • Reconditioning stays
  • Recreation for employees’ children
  • Others


Support for former employees

OKD systematically supports its former employees’ activities. Retired miners may participate in and may join pensioners’ clubs located at individual pits. The Company annually distributes significant sums to support the social, cultural and sports activities of the pensioners’ clubs. Each year, OKD contributes the amount of CZK 70 multiplied by the number of employees in individual mines to the operation of the pensioners’ clubs. In addition, retired miners receive other contributions towards activities and specific projects from the OKD Foundation.