Our People


khn.jpgOKD is well aware of the fact that sound health is a key parameter of work efficiency and productivity. That is why, alongside safety in the workplace, it places great emphasis on health care within its personnel policy at OKD.


To improve health protection and prevent the occurrence of job-related illnesses, OKD provides reconditioning stays and outpatient physiotherapeutic care for its employees. All employees who have worked underground during extraction and development operations (including U/G mechanics, electricians and rescue workers) for three or more years are entitled to two weeks’ physiotherapeutic care.

Moreover, employees have the right to this type of health care after every three years of working for the Company. When it comes to employees who have reached 100% of the highest permitted exposure in the respective mine workplace, OKD provides them with a reconditioning stay or outpatient physiotherapeutic care every four years.


OKD also looks after the health of their employees’ children. Primary school pupils are entitled to a grant for curative or holiday stays lasting at least five days (at nature schools, skiing courses, sports camps, remedial and educational camps), covering 70% of the stay’s price, in the maximum amount of CZK 2,200/EUR 87.


OKD has undertaken to provide free medical examinations for its employees. Preventive health care is being implemented within an integrated system of controlled health care for employees working in hazardous conditions, primarily at the Karviná Miners’ Hospital.