Our People

Training and development

ucni.jpgOKD priorities the further training and development of the competencies and skills of new as well as current employees by introducing a system aimed at human resource development.

The opening of the OKD Central Training Centre in Karviná (at Darkov Mine) was an important step towards improving effectiveness by introducing a system aimed at human resources development. The centre serves all our miners in the Karvina region, as well as contracted staff working for OKD. At the centre, internal OKD lecturers provide courses that utilise top-quality educational technologies (e.g. interactive displays, PCs, quality instructional DVDs etc.).


Renaissance of coal mining schools

OKD realises that the prospects and future of its business depend to a large extent on well-qualified and trained employees. Thus, the Company has been systematically collaborating with a wide range of educational institutions. 


In 2008 OKD renewed its long-standing support for mining education. OKD has renewed its collaboration with the Vocational School of Technology and Services in Karviná, the institution which has traditionally trained workers for the OKD mines, supporting the introduction of a new three year curriculum to train mining operation specialists, such as U/G electricians and mechanics.


In 2011, OKD has started collaboration with a high school in Havířov – Šumbark (two new mining programmes – U/G electrician and  mechanic). OKD provides the same type of support to these students as to ones attending the Vocational School of Technology and Services in Karviná.


At the end of 2013, schools trained 98 students to become mechanics and electricians for mining operations. The interest in mining specialisations is considerable among primary school pupils. OKD appreciates the fact that when selecting a school students and parents bear in mind that OKD is a modern company that will provide them with a stable job with good long-term prospects once they have completed their studies.


During 2013, OKD supported four prospective engineers in mining, the machinery sector and other areas in this way. In addition the Company also provides university students with expert support in the preparation of their seminar, bachelor and diploma papers and arranges for educational stays.