Press releases

A Change in the Management of OKD Incorporated

OSTRAVA (February 28, 2008) –  Today the Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO-Chief Executive Director of the company OKD Dr.-Ing. Klaus-Dieter Beck, has removed   PhDr. Jiřina Ledvinová at her own request from the position of Director of the Department of Human Resources. A reason for the resignation were different opinions to the strategy of the personnel development of the Company. “We wish Mrs. Ledvinová all the best and a lot of success in her further professional life,“ said the Chief Executive Office and Chairman of the Board of Directors of  OKD,  Dr.-Ing Klaus-Dieter Beck.

Till appointment of new Director, the Vice-Chairman  of the Board of Directors and Financial Director of the company OKD, a. s., RNDr. Miloslava Trgiňová is temporarily authorized to manage the Department.