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A Karviná Mine mechanic has won a car as a Christmas gift for his improvement suggestion

A Karviná Mine mechanic has won a car as a Christmas gift for his improvement suggestion

Ostrava (December 21, 2012) – Kamil Pavlíček, a Karviná Mine mechanic, has got an unexpected Christmas gift. He has become the lucky winner of a Škoda Fabia passenger car, the first prize awarded within the Continuous Improvement incentive programme. The drawing drum contained the names of 530 OKD employees who filed their improvement suggestions in 2012 for example in the area of occupational safety, mining efficiency or increase in savings. Thanks to the improvement suggestions of its employees, OKD will save more than CZK 200 million.


All who came up in 2012 with a meaningful idea of how to make work more efficient, favourably influence the work environment in the mine, reduce the demanding character of mining work and in particular, improve safety at work, could obtain, from the company within the drawing of lots, a car as the main extraordinary prize or travel vouchers, garden equipment or electronics. In addition, the author of each accepted idea automatically received CZK 1,000, and the amount of the additional bonus was based on the benefit evaluation and calculation of operational savings.


The drawn suggestion made by Kamil Pavlíček consisted in installing common mucking equipment for three road-heads, which has saved five drives and belt structures with a length of 770 meters. “It has been the second prize in my life since I won a bubble kit at school in the past,” the satisfied owner of the new car opened his heart. Besides his joy of winning, he also appreciates his mine colleagues’ approach. “I have received a lot of congratulations. The guys are not envious of my car, and with all their heart, they congratulate me on the prize,” added Pavlíček, who has been working with the mine for 18 years.


“The programme has unambiguously proved successful. We want to continue it next year too and take advantage of experience we have acquired over three years of its existence. In addition to the strengthened co-responsibility and solidarity of the employees with their company, the programme has also improved the work environment, made work more efficient and improved safety at work in the mines. We are most delighted by the fact that we have managed to convince our employees that thinking about their work and seeking ways of how to improve it or make it easier makes sense and is worth doing,” said Leo Bayer, Chief Operations Officer, OKD.


Vladislav Sobol, Spokesman, OKD, a.s.



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