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A unique logistic project between Karviná and ČSM Mines with positive financial and environmental impacts

A unique logistic project between Karviná and ČSM Mines with positive financial and environmental impacts

KARVINÁ (20th June 2014) – An extremely challenging and unique logistic project will take place from 20th to 22nd June between Karviná and ČSM Mines. The crane with a lifting capacity 750 tons will lift a hyperbaric filter weighing 45 tons over the roof of the prep-plant at ČSA site which was closed in the middle of the last year. Then it will be loaded onto a prepared semitrailer which will transport it to the ČSM Mine, site North. The project will have a financial impact as it will increase the prep-plant efficiency. It will also have ecological contribution because discharged water from the prep-plant will contain minimum remains of coal.

At the coal preparatory plants, a hyperbaric filter is used for dewatering the finest coal elements of sizes 0 – 0,5mm. Its usage has positive ecological and economic effects. On the one hand, the final product coming out is a dryer coal because of higher pressure in the filter, the dewatering efficiency is 5-6 times greater; on the other hand, discharged water from the entire prep plant process is clean with only minimum of coal contents (1-2 grams per liter).
The filter has a boiler volume of 125 m3 and the diameter of 4,2 meters. The filter can produce 40 – 50 tons of coal per hour out of a floto concentrate with the content of some 200 grams of finest coal dust per liter.

A transported hyperbaric filter from the coal prep plant, site ČSA from Karviná Mine, became useless after its closure. Once it is fully inspected and renovated at ČSM Mine, it will replace a present filter at the prep plant this autumn.
„After an in-depth repair of a 15-year old filter, it will last longer than a month, a complex sophisticated technology will be installed at the prep-plant complex at ČSM Mine, which will result in its higher efficiency. In fact, the number of filters will increase from four to five so the performance in the fine coal circuit will rise by 20%. Repairing this technology will bring savings in tens of millions of crowns comparing to a new one“ said OKD Prep Plant GM,Václav Kabourek.

The entire project will be exceptionally challenging from the logistic point of view. Already on Friday, there will be crane installed, which will lift the filter from the height of 32m and will place it onto a prepared semitrailer on Saturday, once the part of the building is disassembled. The disassembly of the hyperbaric filter will only be one of the parts of the move of this sophisticated prep-plant technology that consists of tens of parts.
Overall work will take place in the area of ČSA railway sidings and that is why the lockout will be ordained. The transport will be in motion on Saturday, in the morning hours.

The implementation of the project was prepared by the company “Realizace průmyslových staveb Ostrava” which is going to undertake it with other subcontractors. „For me, personally, it is a very interesting experience. 15-years ago I prepared installation of the filter at the prep plant at ČSA site and today I am participating on second rebirth of this technology and its future use in the OKD operations,“ summarized Technical Director of RPS Ostrava, Mr. Petr Dospiva.


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