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After 20 years, first mining apprentices passed their final exams

After 20 years, first mining apprentices passed their final exams
STONAVA (June 13, 2012) – Today, eight mining apprentices from the Secondary School of Technology and Services in Karviná passed their final exams in the ground workshops of the ČSM Mine; in the days to come, they will be followed by more students who will complete their apprenticeship to become U/G mechanics and U/G electricians. OKD will thus gain trained young people for its operations after about 20 years during mining education was discontinued.

“The last mining apprentices left school two decades ago. Since that time mining technology has changed significantly, so we need young people who can cope with the operation and maintenance of modern machinery. We have invested 11 billion in new driving and mining equipment, a part of which is even computer controlled,“ explained Radim Tabášek, Chief HR and Mining District Development Officer.

The mining company lured the ninth graders to the renewed mining apprenticeships mainly with an offer of a one thousand crown scholarship, which they can top up by as much as one to two thousand crowns within the scope of practical training. Young people were also attracted by job security within a stable company. “I took this option because of job security and scholarship but it is true that I was always interested in machines. Of course, I know that I will work underground. My father also works in the shaft, so I have an idea what it is like,“ said Jakub Hulín, nineteen, one of apprentices who have successfully passed the final examination.

“The cooperation of our school with OKD is on a very high level indeed and the apprenticeship already gained its prestige. Every year more students enrol; this year, we have obtained a total of 43 applications just for the U/G mechanics course for OKD, which is a third more than last year,“ said Milan Papesch, head teacher in charge of professional training.

In addition to the Secondary School of Technology and Services, the mining company cooperates in the education of new miners with the Havirov Secondary School at Sykorova St. This school year, in both schools, 125 apprentices prepared for their jobs in OKD; in the future, their number could go up to 180. From September the school in Karvina will also offer a four-year mining apprenticeship with a General Certificate of Secondary Education and a three-year evening course for OKD employees also to be completed by General Certificate of Secondary Education.

Vladislav Sobol, spokesman for the OKD