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An unfortunate accident occurred in Karvina Mine on Tuesday

OSTRAVA (13 July 2011) – OKD, a.s., regrets to announce a fatality at the Karvina Mine, which took place in the afternoon of 12 July 2011.

 A 45-year-old miner was fatally injured on Tuesday 12 July as a result of a rock bounce, approximately 920 metres underground. Another miner was also injured.

„OKD expresses its deepest condolences to the family, relatives and friends of the deceased miner." said Pavel Hadrava, director of Karvina Mine.

The causes of this extraordinary event are being explored by an investigative committee of experts comprising representatives of the District Mining Office in Ostrava, the Police of the Czech Republic, the management of Karvina Mine, OKD, Green Gas DPB and the trade unions.



Vladislav Sobol

spokesman, OKD, a.s.


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