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At the CSM MINE, there happened a fatal accident.

KARVINA (August 8, 2014) – At the locality of South, CSM Mine there happened an accident, an employee of the Contractor company 46 years old is dead.

At about 1: 45 p.m., when handling the hydraulic means at the head gate of the operated LW, in the depth of approximately 900 m underground, a fatal injury happened.

Immediately the Mine doctor from the Central Mine Rescue Station has been sent. Even the quick intervention of the doctor, it was not possible to save the employee and the doctor stated injuries not being compatible with the life of the injured person.

„On behalf of myself and of all employees of the Mine, we would like to express you our sincere condolences to the family and to the relatives of the deceased fellow”, stated Mr. Boleslav Kowalcyk, the CSM Mine Manager.

The causes of this extraordinary event are being examining by the Expert Committee consisting of the representatives from the District Mining Authority in Ostrava, CSM Mine Board, OKD, a.s and the Trade Unions in the cooperation with the Czech Police.

Marek Sibrt
Spokesman of OKD, a.s

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