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Attitude to land reclamation has been changing. Golf courses, an industrial park, a dinosaur park or a unique water body for the sake of both the nature and people are being developed

Attitude to land reclamation has been changing. Golf courses, an industrial park, a dinosaur park or a unique water body for the sake of both the nature and people are being developed

KARVINÁ (September 24, 2012) – Reclamation of land affected by mining in Karvina region has changed completely in recent years. Whereas in the past it mainly consisted in afforestation or grassing of the area or landscaping of water bodies created by terrain depression, today the OKD company in cooperation with the municipal authorities in towns and villages emphasizes primarily the usability of the territory. Lately, for example, the miners have prepared land for the Dinopark in Doubrava, the Industrial Zone in Horní Suchá or the golf course in Karviná. Currently, the most interesting project is the reclamation of almost 170 hectares of land in Kozinec located between Karvina and Doubrava, where a new large water body is being built which in the future will serve both the nature and people.

In the Czech Republic, the reclamation of Kozinec is a unique event considering the number of experts involved. Apart from miners the team is composed also of plant scientists, zoologists, landscape architects and other experts. The project is supported by the Ministry of Environment of the Czech Republic, the Poodří Protected Landscape Area as well as the Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Republic.

At some places in Kozinec the terrain has sunk by up to seven meters and in the centre of the depression an inland basin originates which is gradually inundated by ground water. Now already, artificial terrain structures are being built on the newly emerging water body, such as islands, peninsulas or shallow waters. While the northern part of the territory will be dedicated to water fowl, plants and animals living in the floodplain forest in the Olše river meander, the southern part with newly created peninsulas should in the future be used mainly by people, particularly by fishermen for fishing or local inhabitants for walking, cycling and water sports.

The reclamation of Kozinec, which is going to cost almost CZK 600 million and is funded from OKD budget, started in 2006. The completion of its technical part is scheduled for 2017 and will be followed by a five year biological reclamation. The prime contractor is AWT Rekultivace and Mirpal company from Karviná.

Reclamation 2011 in numbers

Expenditure on reclamation                                  CZK 171.0 mil.

Expenditure on filling up terrain depressions      CZK 245.2 mil.

Expenditure total                                                     CZK 416.2mil.

Area under reclamation                                                  845.6 ha

Examples of other recently reclaimed areas

Lipiny Golf Resort

The reclamation works in Lipiny commenced in 1998 and it was preceded by numerous discussions about the future use of the territory. The original intention of the reclamation was to create arable land, while later afforestation was considered and in the end the Municipal Council opted for the modelling of the terrain for the purpose of golf or motocross. The final decision to build a golf resort was adopted in 2007. The golf resort with a 9-hole championship course and a 9-hole public course was opened this year, and another 9-hole championship golf course is now being built on the adjacent land.

Lipiny is a model example of cooperation between the mining company and the mining town – the golf course itself, in its unique setting with mining towers in sight, was built by the OKD company. The Municipality of Karviná intends to build new in-line and cycling trails in the adjacent territory which will connect Lipiny with Darkovské moře complex. Thus, a vast recreation and leisure time area will come to being southwest of the town.



It was established in the territory of the former Doubrava waste pile at the border of Orlová and Doubrava. The area of the park is 63 hectares and according to the data provided by its operator the number of visitors in 2011 exceeded the number of visitors to all the other dinoparks in the Czech Republic.

The project originally designed as a reclamation project has turned into revitalisation. The existing water bodies were left intact, the waste pile's slopes were regraded, covered with soil and grass. Illegal dump sites, unsuitable and sick woody plants and invasive Reynoutria species were cleared off the territory and suitable species of woody plants were newly planted. The central part of the waste pile was shaped to meet the requirements of the Dinopark's operator who decided to build a mock-up model of volcano. The project ranked third in the contest called Business Property of the Year – Brownfield 2009.


Horní Suchá Industrial Zone

The winner of the referred to contest in 2009 was the Frantisek Industrial Zone in Horní Suchá, developed at the site of a former mine of the same name. It was pushed through thanks to an agreement reached with the local municipal authority which, once the mine was closed, wished to have an area within its territory suitable for the development of business activities and addressing the employment issues. Today, over 30 business entities employing several hundreds of people operate in the zone.


A component part of the project was also the reclamation of land located to the north of the former František Mine in Horní Suchá and Haviřov cadastres affected by terrain depressions, with former sludge lagoons, waste piles, handling and drying areas for temporary storage of extracted sludge and stone. Reclamation works performed in the territory covering the area of 123 hectares were completed at the end of 2010, and at present maintenance works in the framework of biological reclamation are under way. A part of this land could in the future also accommodate companies operating in the sector of light industry.


Vladislav Sobol,

Spokesman of OKD, a.s.