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Basic information about the changes in OKD

Basic information about the changes in OKD
The OKD group has recently undergone significant changes the aim of which was primarily to simplify organizational and proprietary structure. The company is currently organized in a lucid manner. OKD retained only those operations that are directly related to the main field of business - mining of hard coal. These changes are perceived positively by the Czech as well as European expert public.

As one of its future goals, the company set to establish itself more in the European region. One of the prerequisites of being active in the international environment is participation of top foreign managers in the company executive.

Dr. Klaus-Dieter Beck (see note) certainly belongs among such experts. At the end of May he became the Chairman of the Board of Directors of OKD, in June it was approved that he would be designated General Manager of the company as of July 1st. Beck will replace the hitherto director Josef Goj and, in addition to his function of the Chairman of the Board of Directors, he will take on executive management as well.

In the person of Dr. Klaus-Dieter Beck the OKD management gained a significant reinforcement in possession of an outstanding combination of expert knowledge and long-time experience from a number of mining companies in Central Europe as well as overseas. One of the first tasks for Dr. Beck now is to bolster up the OKD executive management with more experienced managers. Therefore, the OKD management will soon be supplemented with three renowned experts with rich experience in their fields.

Positive responses from foreign investors and partners indicate that the right direction was set. The parent company NWR made an exceptionally successful debut in capital markets with its emission of debentures, which bears evidence of good operational results of the whole group. NWR currently considers further expansion in European capital markets.

Dr. Klaus-Dieter Beck obtained the doctorate of mining engineering at Rheinish-Westfalische Technische Hochschule in Aachen, Germany. As part of his career, he worked from 1996 until 1998 as the General Manager of mining in Ruhrkohle Bergbau AG. 1998, he became the vice-president of the mining company Riverton Coal, Inc.. From 2000 he performed the function of Senior Vice President for Planning and Engineering in Foundation Coal Holdings, Inc.; owing to his expertise he contributed to a substantial economic growth of the company and thus to its further development.

Věra Breiová
press officer of OKD, a. s.