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Changes in the Responsibilities of the OKD Management Members

Changes in the Responsibilities of the OKD Management Members

OSTRAVA (August 27, 2012) – The management of the OKD mining company underwent partial changes. Jarmila Ivánková became the new Chief HR Officer who, at the same time, continues to act as Chief Financial Officer. In the position of the Chief HR Officer, she replaces Radim Tabášek who will now be able to fully concentrate on the function of the Chief Strategy Mine Development Officer.

Jarmila Ivánková (45) studied industrial economics at the Economics Faculty of the VSB – Technical University of Ostrava.  Then she worked in management positions of former subsidiaries of OKD, such as OKD, Báňská stavební společnost or OKD, Restrukturalizace.

“In recent years, OKD started extraordinary changes that are also reflected in the area of HR. The emphasis on safety, the programme of continuous improvement or the reinstatement of the mining apprenticeship programme, these are activities that I would like to moved a little further, "said Jarmila Ivánková.

Radim Tabášek (45) studied mine surveying at the Faculty of Mining and Geology, VSB - Technical University of Ostrava. He spent almost his entire professional life in OKD; in recent years he held the positions of the Chief Reclamation Officer and Chief HR Officer.

“OKD faces a number of projects, whose implementation is associated not only with the future of our company but of the whole region. The introduction of a new position is a proof of the importance to our company of projects of mining expansion into new locations and, at the same time, of a responsible approach to reclamation,“ said Radim Tabášek.

Vladislav Sobol
Spokesman for OKD and OKD Foundation