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Collective Agreement in OKD signed

Collective Agreement in OKD signed

OSTRAVA, January 7, 2008 – Management of OKD company and Trade Union representatives signed the 2008 Supplement to the OKD Collective Agreement in the company residence today. The CA was concluded in 2005 for three years, so it is effective by the end of this year. Employees’ wages will increase by 7 percent in OKD in 2008. In addition, if satisfactory profits area achieved, average monthly earnings will raise even more to make it four percent higher than inflation.


On behalf of the company management, the CA Supplement was signed by Vice-Chairmen of the OKD Board of Directors, Ján Fabián and Miloslava Trgiňová. „Negotiations were not easy but we have arrived at a reasonable agreement in spite of that“ appreciated Ján Fabián. According to him, it is important that both parties may already devote their efforts to improve company productivity and become a modern and attractive employer.


Indeed, all long-term social benefits are included in the Collective Agreement, which means enhanced health care, reconditioning stays, contributions for catering, mine’s snacks, etc. In this field, the OKD management came to an agreement during bargaining with the Unions on increased costs of raw-materials for miner’s snack by two Czech Crowns. The volume of funds to cover social expenses will be increased by four percent in OKD this year.


In December, employees received an extraordinary Christmas premium, which was increased within the agreement by an additional ninefold in addition to the twelve times the amount of an average monthly wage agreed in an effective Collective Agreement.


Currently, OKD employs 15,220 people; their average monthly wage will be CZK 28.989 this year as per preliminary estimates.