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Conference: The mining modernization brings challenges to coal mining safety

OSTRAVICE – The fundamental modernization of the driving and mining machinery in the mines of OKD, the mining company, has brought breaking news in the field of ventilation, air conditioning and safety in coal mining. Not only due to these changes, OKD has become a partner of the international Conference on “Ventilation, Degassing, Air Conditioning and Safety in Mining Industry”, which was held for the third time at the Sepetná Hotel in the Beskids mountains on 16 and 17 September.


Experts in the field, not only from OKD and specialized companies, but also academic experts, came to the Conference in order to share their experience and gain new experience, brought by the dynamic changes in the industry. “The significant upgrading of technologies means not only great changes, but also a challenge. Increasing the installed capacity of mining machinery results in increased requirements for the ventilation and air conditioning. We have successfully coped with the problems, but we still need to address other tasks,” Jan Matula, Chief Engineering Officer, OKD explained the situation.


The Conference was organized by VVUÚ (Scientific-Research Coal Institute) and Montanex, and was held under the auspices of the top representatives of the Czech Mining Authority, Mining University, OKD and Green Gas DPB.


Vladimír Slivka, Dean of the Faculty of Mining and Geology, Mining University, pointed out the issue of an insufficient number of graduates in the given field, which will still provide good prospects as far as the future job opportunities are concerned. “Most of you are older than forty years. I am really sorry for not being able to offer you as many continuators as required,” Slivka stated at the Conference. At the same time, he emphasized the Conference significance not only to the experts in the field, but also to the reception of the mining sector as a whole. “The lectures at the Conference will mutually enrich us. The interconnection in the mining industry is historical and subconsciously causes both the relation to the profession and the mutual cohesion,” he added.

Vladislav Sobol, Spokesman, OKD, a.s.

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Note for Editors
OKD, the hard coal mining company and a member of New World Resources Group, is the largest employer in Northern Moravia, employing approximately 14,000 people, and more than other 3,000 workers mine coal for the company within its contractors. In addition, the individual mine operations are also connected with thousands of job positions in the companies which provide supplies of goods and services to OKD. In 2008, the miners established the OKD Foundation, to which OKD contributes one percent of its profit before tax every year. Over two years, the OKD Foundation has distributed approximately CZK 100 million among non-profit-making organizations and municipalities.