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Darkov Mine was awarded the Golden Permon for its emphasis on safety

Darkov Mine was awarded the Golden Permon for its emphasis on safety

KARVINÁ (10th June 2014) – OKD Darkov Mine with over 3 thousands employees was awarded the Golden Permon in 2013 for its extraordinary achievements in the area of safety, the category Mining activity carried out underground – a hard coal mine. It is the 12th year of the contest. A statuette of Permon, which is a mining gnome, should according to the legend, help miners at work and bring them luck. General Mine Manager Vladislav Szmek received the award from the Chairman of the Czech Mining Authority, Mr. Ivo Pěgřímek.


„It is recognition of work of all our employees. Simultaneously, it is a call not to ease up in our efforts in injury free operation and approach work safety in complex geological conditions with an upmost responsibility and humility, where we mine hard coal in our mining territory, often deeper than a kilometer underground, said Szmek when accepting the award.

The award for Darkov Mine affirms the positive impacts of the company in increasing work safety as well as the level of working environment at OKD. The company has invested in safety over CZK 800 million over the last six years. Among others, PPEs and technical aids for miners ranging from personal lamps through leader boots to digital devices for detection of dangerous kinds of gas have been completely replaced. Owing to that fact, an injury rate has dropped to one third over the last eight years.

„To a large degree, we are making continuous efforts in disclosing risks by implementing latest safety technologies, modern personal PPEs, setting safety and hygienic measures, introducing regular training, in a form of information boards and illustrative information from safety area in Horník weekly in order to prevent dangerous conditions and achieve improvement in work safety, said Pavel Hadrava, COO of OKD.


Marek Síbrt
Spokesman of OKD, a.s.

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