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Drinking water supplies from Lubina cannot be resumed yet

Ostrava, Frenštát pod Radhoštěm (27 August 2009) – Since the storm rainfalls occurred this June, water in the Lubina reservoir at the Frenštát Mine site has been permanently polluted and cannot be used as drinking water. OKD, as the Operator of the Water Treatment Plant for water from this water reservoir has therefore notified the relevant governmental authorities that it is not able to supply drinking water as the utility to the town of Frenštát pod Radhoštěm, (its quarters of Papratná, Kopaná and Bartošky) and the residential area of the village of Trojanovice, to which OKD has provided its drinking water supplies so far, and within the meaning of the Act on Water Mains and Sewer Systems, OKD has requested that another supplier of public service (i.e. utility) should be appointed.


The critical situation was primarily caused by the strong storm rainfalls which affected the neighbourhood of the Lubina water reservoir in the period of 24 to 28 June 2009. “During the natural disaster, clayey deposits from the neighbouring hills penetrated into the water reservoir,  which deposits cannot be degraded by the Water Treatment Plant at the Frenštát Mine. In addition, the water quality also worsened due to the overgrow of living organisms, including, but not limited to, cyanobacteria, caused by the hot weather wave at the end of July,” says Radim Tabášek, Chief Reclamation Officer of OKD.


“Water from the Lubina water reservoir continues to be unhealthy, and as such, we cannot supply it to the public water main until further notice. OKD has received the Decision of the Regional Hygienic Station on the ban on drinking water supplies, including an obligation to notify the relevant authorities”, Tabášek provides up-to-date information.


To expeditiously solve the situation, the company has been cooperating with the relevant authorities, as well as with SmVaK Ostrava, a. s. (North Moravian Water Works and Sewerage Ostrava), since this situation arose. They have been making joint efforts to identify the method of how to clean the water source as quickly as possible and how to provide funds for work associated therewith.


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