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Extraordinary event at OKD 1, Darkov site

Extraordinary event at OKD 1, Darkov site

KARVINÁ (7th August 2015) – On Thursday after half past twelve at night, in all likelihood, at falling out of the rock at the development heading, methane got released and the mixture of methane and oxygen was set aflame. Subsequently, during an ignition of mine gas (methane), three employees lost their lives and two others got injured.

Mine and Medical Rescue Squads were immediately called in and an intensive rescue operation began with the goal to rescue the injured employees. HBZS physician certified three injured people to have had injuries not compatible with life.

„On behalf of all employees of the mine and myself, I would like to send our condolences to the families and close friends of our deceased colleagues,” General Manager of OKD 1, Boleslav Kowalczyk said.

Causes of this extraordinary event are now being investigated by an expert committee consisting of the representatives of the District Mining Authority in Ostrava, management of OKD 1, OKD management and the Trade Unions in cooperation with the Police of the Czech Republic.


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