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First new roadheader for gateroad development will improve working environment in Darkov Mine

First new roadheader for gateroad development will improve working environment in Darkov Mine

Ostrava (March 13, 2008) – The first new CZK 85 mil road header MR 340 Ex-S of Swedish company Sandvik will significantly improve the working environment of miners at Darkov Mine. This roadheader is the first delivered piece of the overall investment under the POP 2010 project that will provide new machines and equipment of world parameters to mines of OKD. „In comparison with currently used roadheaders, this one has much more cutting power and due to its electronic features operate easier and monitor the performance remotely”, explained POP 2010 project manager Mr. Richard Pavlík.



The road header is also equipped with a new graphic visual device allowing it to monitor size and shape of a cutting profile, as well as to pre-set this shape in advance.  „Of big help will also be the new developed, remote controlled handling arm with drilling machine enabling drilling different types of drill holes, from safety pre-drill holes to special drill holes for installation of additional roof bolting” added Mr. Pavlík.


The other seven road headers will be delivered to OKD later on this year. At the same time the preparation work will continue for the installation of five sets of longwall face equipment consisting of hydraulic roof supports, chain conveyers and coal cutting machines.


The POP 2010 investment program (Productivity Optimization Program 2010) of CZK 8.5 billions comprises in two phases 10 sets of longwall face and 12 sets of gateroad development equipment. It also includes handling equipment for the transportation and assembly of this heavier production equipment.  


This fundamental investment program so far has no analogy in the history of OKD. „For our mines, we want to purchase the best state-of–the-art equipment presently available on the world market. This will improve the working environment for our employees underground and we expect that it will also improve labour productivity. Additionally, it will enable us to mine thinner seams or seams in a greater depth, “said General Manager of OKD, Mr. Klaus-Dieter Beck. “The planning process of phase three of this POP 2010 program to completely replace all of the currently operated old production equipment has already started”, Klaus-Dieter Beck added in his statement.



The OKD Company currently employs about 18,500 people in the core business coal mining; some 15,000 of them are its own employees and the others contractors. The owner of joint-stock company of OKD is Dutch holding company of New World Resources B. V.