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Investment into Miner Safety Is Worthwhile, Injury Rate Dropped in OKD by Fourth Part

Ostrava (18 October 2010) – Extraordinary accent of the OKD company management on prevention and investments into new mining technologies, protective aids and equipment  several billions worth bear fruit. The number of registered injuries of the OKD staff and of the supplier organization staff dropped for the first nine months 2010 by 25 per cents, compared with the same period of the last year. The injury rate has dropped by ca 27 per cents to 8.08.


The positive trend was even not interrupted in September, which month is the most risky month in the safety sector according to the OKD long-time statistics. Therefore the company has declared September the month of safety of labour and has focused itself in particular on prevention; this year September injury rate statistics is better compared with the preceding years. Number of injuries has reduced nearly by one third part, compared with the same month of the last year, i.e. from the last year 40 to this year’s 27 injuries. For the first nine months the number of injuries has dropped by one fourth, from 256 injuries during the last year to 190 injuries during the first three quarters of this year. All data also include the supplier company staff.


„This year’s key indicators in the safety sector are very favourable, but we may not relax our efforts. After the extraordinary investments we must continue searching for possible dangers and risks to be able to work on more and more effective safety and hygienic measures“, said Leo Bayer, the OKD Operating Manager.


The features that have affected safety of labour in OKD in 2010:

  • Completion of refurbishment of the mining technologies (since 2008 the total investment amounts to ca 9 billion Czech crowns).
  • Complete replacement of protective and technical equipment and aids for the minors, over 0.5 billion Czech crowns worth, being the greatest investment into this sector among all CR companies (special footwear, working clothes, self-rescue devices, personal lamps, shirts and T-shirts with reflex signs, detectors of dangerous gases and others).  
  • Safety competition where the employees without any occupational injury will be included into draw for the passenger car.
  • Competition “Safe Workplaces” where the best teams are awarded ten thousands Czech crowns.



Vladislav Sobol, OKD, a.s. spokesman


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  • OKD, the Ostrava Hard Coal Company, is the subsidiary of the company New World Resources (NWR).
  • OKD employs over 17,000 employees directly or through the supplier companies.
  • OKD is the sole producer of hard coal in the Czech Republic. Hard coal is mined in four  mines in the southern part of the Upper Silesian Coal Basin - in the Ostrava-Karviná coalfield (Karviná Mine, Darkov Mine, ČSM Mine, Paskov Mine).   
  • The company mines two kinds of coal – the energy coal serving mainly as fuel and the coking coal used in the steel-making and chemical industries.



*Injury rate

  • Injury rate is the most conclusive indicator of development of the safety of labour. We can say in simplified terms that it is the number of occupational injuries leading to incapacity for work per one million hours worked.