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Investments OKD in 2008

Investments OKD in 2008

Responses for ČTK (20. 2. 2008)


The OKD company counts with the overall volume of investments over seven billion crowns (in 2007 2.07 billion were invested), which will significantly increase the productivity and especially the work safety underground.


POP 2010

The majority of funds – almost five billion – will be spent on buying new mining technologies of world parameters within the POP 2010 project (Production Optimization Project). In 2008, among others, five complete mining complexes and other driving technologies will be acquired. The most modern technology will increase the work safety of miners and will also allow mining in major depth (around 1500 meters compared to actual 1000 meters) and thus the access to new stock.


Other investments

We also plan other investment projects underground which will ensure the modernization of mining process and exploitation of new coal stock.

One of the most important investment projects is the completion of the heat and power plant modernization at the ČSM mine. At the same mine, we plan to start the construction of the central air-conditioning which will significantly improve working conditions of miners who work deep underground. We are going to start the reconstruction of the preparation plant for fine coal processing in the area of the ČSM mine which will cost approximately 360 million crowns and will be finished in 2010.

We also plan to start the modernization of power-producing machines and machineries which are used especially in the mining process – for example modern conveyors, mine shearers or accident prevention facilities. Also new machineries for surface power operations and information and communication technologies are included in this amount.


Overall summery

Investments 2007                                            2.07 billion CZK

Investments 2008                                            7,21 billion CZK

Investments within POP 2010 (year 2008)      4.89 billion CZK

Investments 2008 without POP 2010              2.32 billion CZK